VERIA TV : Under The Sun

Inspired by traditions and practices from across Asia, Veria bring a dose of healthy living to the rest of the world. In its third season, Under the Sun takes viewers on a tour of the origins of the Veria brand – from Bhutan to Korea, India to Japan, and beyond. Almost thirty hour-long episodes later and there's still no shortage of places to go next. Here are a few of our favorite stories.

For almost a decade Veria has led the way in healthy lifestyle programming on DishNetwork and Verizon FiOS.

The laughter clubs of India have been keeping seniors sharp witted for decades.

The festival of Losar brings out the best in the Bhutanese people. 

The traditions of the Maiko are alive and well in Kyoto.

Tumeric - a wonder spice valued for its color, flavor, and ever growing list of medicinal properties.

Food blogger Shanelle Ueyama shows us the ropes in one of Seoul's best outdoor markets.

Shopping for only the choicest bird's nest for traditional Bird's Nest Soup.

Food blogger Daniel Gray gives a yummy lesson on Sam Bap.